• Ankit Kumar Pandey


After listening a lot of rumours, Me being a "BANARASI" Decided to do visit THE KASHI VISHWANATH TEMPLE. So, on the next Tuesday I went there, earlier I have been to the temple but now the view was totally different.

Our Prime Minister Modi ji has really made an effort to change Varanasi. Earlier Varanasi is known for it's narrow streets but now varanasi has its identity for me varanasi is a balance of spirituality & modernization. So, here it began, My first stop was the local tea shop for refreshing my mind, an alert note for all those who never visited varanasi before is we are very friendly so here abuse is also a symbol of love and touching and pushing is very normal. For the "Darshan" Viewing you have to being in a line and wait for your turn to come. Being humble to all will help you in varanasi we have huge hearts. After completing the darshan it really felt so blissful. I decide to spend few more hours there so I went to the nearest ghat "DASHASHWAMEDH GHAT" The time passes so quickly by seeing beauty of ganga here your felt so alive, happy and it's kinda mixed feelings Everyone felt different here. In the evening the ganga aarti began at 7:00 pm it was a really "MESMERIZING RARE VIEW" .

I think an individual should see this ganga aarti once in a life time. And I am so proud to being a banarasi .

Jai hind...

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